Plumber with aggression problems in court in Vienna

Plumber with aggression problems in court in Vienna
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The 28-year-old is said to have stabbed a Syrian in October 2023, but did not hit him or even denied that a knife was involved.

“What are you looking so stupid about?”

The classic “What are you looking at so stupid?” stood at the beginning of the altercation on Koppstrasse between the Austrian, who had been convicted several times, and two Syrians. According to the victim’s statement, the short and slight plumber then received a punch when he pulled out a knife. He is said to have then stabbed one of the boys who was running away, and the victim, who fell to the ground, managed to fend off the stabs with his feet.

The defendant denied this and saw himself as a victim who ran after the two Syrians to hand them over to the police. He explained in court why he did not contact the police station where the fight took place directly by saying that no one had opened the door. He was unable to answer why the victims who filed a complaint were able to do this.

Serious punch

The accused, represented by Astrid Wagner, was more insightful when it came to the offense of bodily harm on the last New Year’s Eve in a belt bar. Here the young man felt harassed while doing coke in the toilet by an Iranian who wanted to use it as intended. When the resulting scuffle had already ended, the plumber gave the even smaller opponent a serious punch in front of the establishment.

As a result, the Iranian not only suffered a double broken jaw, but also a brain hemorrhage the size of a plum, the consequences of which the 45-year-old still suffers from today. In addition, a DNA check resulted in a hit, which is why the incident on Koppstrasse was attributed to the 28-year-old.

Further witness statements were scheduled for the afternoon.

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