A man threatened to immolate himself at the Iranian embassy in Paris

A man threatened to immolate himself at the Iranian embassy in Paris

The French police cordoned off the area and asked the population to avoid traveling through the surrounding streets.


A man who entered the Iranian consulate in Paris this Friday, he warned to carry a explosive device and threatened to immolate himself. However, after arresting the individual, French prosecutors were able to confirm that they were “fake bombs.”

The security forces deployed an operation around the Iranian consulate in Paris after a man entered the building with “what could be an explosive.” The street was blocked by police and firefighters, and several reinforcements from special intervention units arrived. This occurred hours after Israel’s attack on Iran last night, in a conflictive context in Middle East.

Finally, andThe suspect was arrested and the possibility of a real risk was ruled out, since the explosion devices “were fake.” Furthermore, they were able to confirm that the man, born in Iran, acted alone. This same attacker was also responsible for starting a fire at the consulate last year.


Given the possible threat, the Paris Police Prefecture He spread a message through social networks to ask the population near the place to avoid traveling in the Fresnel Street sector, in the 16th district. However, the reason for the request was not mentioned in the publication.

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Conflict in the Middle East: Israel attacked Iran with missiles

The Iranian Fars news agency warned on Thursday about an explosion at an airport in the Iranian city of Isfahan. As later reported ABC Newsciting a US official, it was an attack carried out by a Israeli missile.

This attack occurs days after Iran launched a offensive with 300 drones and missiles to different strategic points in Israel. This first direct attack by Iranian forces was in response to the death of eight members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps at the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, following a deployment by the Israeli army.

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