the last living photo of the man who was taken dead to the bank to sign a loan

the last living photo of the man who was taken dead to the bank to sign a loan

The fact became known after the viralization of a first video on social networks where Nunes was seen handling his uncle’s corpse to sign a loan for 17,000 reaisan amount of around $2,800,000. The case caused a stir in Brazil and more photos and videos related to it began to appear.

Brazil: the last living photo of the man

In the last hours, they became known the last images of Paulo Roberto Braga alivewhich were taken one day before the unusual event.

In the photos his niece appears next to the man, who is seen in a hospital bed where he had been admitted for a pneumonia with tachycardia. The next day, Braga was discharged and it was at that moment that Erika took him to the bank to request the money.

Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes .jpg

The last photos of Paulo Roberto Braga being alive.

Courtesy G1.

What was the unusual episode that took place in Brazil?

The woman showed up with her uncle’s body at a branch Itaú Unibanco in Bangú, a neighborhood located west of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. To request the loan and withdraw the money, Erika Vieira Nunes needed the man’s signature, so she would have taken it hours after he died.

The woman tried to deceive the bank employees, however, at the time of signing they realized that something was wrong. Erika grabbed her uncle’s hand with her pen so she could write the signature and He held his head by the nape of his neck.

This aroused many suspicions among the workers and they called the police, who arrived at the scene and They determined that the man was dead.

The second video that came to light

Days later, another video went viral showing how Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes He got out of the vehicle with the man completely unconscious, put him in the wheelchair and took him inside the bank.


Day Diary

What the autopsy revealed

According to the newspaper Metropoles, the report of the Legal Medical Institute (IML) indicated that the man’s death was due to heart failure and bronchoaspiration.

Regarding the time at which Braga died, the expert who signed the document stated: “There are no certain elements that allow us to confirm, from a technical and scientific point of view, whether Mr. Paulo Roberto Braga died on the road or inside the bank branchor if the body was taken to the bank branch.”

In her statement, Erika stated that her uncle was “with destabilized reflexes and without normal control of his senses.” due to the effects of medications”.

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