Scheiblehner: “Everyone is invited to score goals”

Scheiblehner: “Everyone is invited to score goals”
Ronivaldo has been lagging behind his form for weeks.

LINZ. Will FC Blau-Weiß Linz return to winning ways in today’s away game in the Bundesliga at Altach (5 p.m.)? Coach Gerald Scheiblehner’s team has been waiting for complete success for twelve games. In order to fully score, the Linzers also have to score – with a meager four goals, however, Blue-White has the weakest offense in the spring. That’s why the big question arises before the Ländle double: Who should shoot Blue-White to victory?

Hopes once again rest on striker Ronivaldo: The 35-year-old is the Blue-Whites’ top scorer this season with six league goals, but is currently in a slump in form. Injuries in particular have been a constant problem for Ronivaldo recently: due to a ligament injury towards the end of the autumn season, he missed practically the entire preparation, and a head injury slowed him down again in the spring. The performances also suffered as a result: “He just hasn’t played well lately,” says coach Gerald Scheiblehner, who relegated his protégé to the bench in the game against Tyrol.

Ronivaldo in duty

In Altach, Ronivaldo is likely to return to the starting line-up instead of substitute Stefan Urlaub. Scheiblehner took him to task beforehand: “We had a long conversation. Roni is our most important striker, but he has to invest everything. I’d rather he only manage 60 minutes than if he spread his energy over 90 minutes.”

The native Brazilian scored his last goal to date at the spring opener on February 10th in Altach (1-1) – from a penalty. The fact that Ronivaldo is following his form also has an impact on the other offensive players: “He has the most routine and can secure balls. When he’s not in the game, the young players around him also have a hard time,” explains Scheiblehner.

Another kicker has recently become more of a focus for the blue and white coach, even if he will only come off the bench in today’s away game: Kristijan Dobras. “He is very good for us in certain phases and is currently the ideal joker for me. He is a great guy who always builds up the team, although his personal role is certainly not satisfactory for him.”

Ultimately, Scheiblehner doesn’t care who scores the goals today: “Everyone is invited to score goals.”

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