Iran does not hesitate to respond at the highest level in case of future Israeli attacks

Iran does not hesitate to respond at the highest level in case of future Israeli attacks

According to Iranian officials, Friday’s attack was “child’s play.” However, they ensure an immediate response to any action by Israel against their interests.

He Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahiansaid on Friday that Iran will respond immediately and “at the highest level” if Israel acts against its interests. The statement took place on Friday after the attacks on the territory of the Islamic Republic, attributed to the Israeli army.

“If Israel wants to venture again and act against Iran’s interests, our next response will be immediate and at the highest level“Amir-Abdollahian said, speaking through a translator, in an interview with NBC News. “As long as there are no new adventures by the Israeli regime against Iranian interests, we will not respond,” he clarified.

Iran downplays attack attributed to Israel

The alleged Israeli attack on Iran raised fears of a escalation in the Middle East. However, since the Islamic Republic They downplayed Friday’s attack, comparing it to a “children’s” game. Both parties seem to want to calm the situation and not deepen these hostilities derived from the war in Gaza, which further complicate the situation in the territory.

“What happened last night was not an attack. It was a flight of two or three quadrotors, like the toys our children have fun with in Iran,” the Iranian minister ironically Of Foreign Affairs.

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Israeli missiles hit Iran.

Israeli missiles hit Iran.

Capture @AgenciaAJN

During the early hours of April 19, Iranian state media reported explosions at dawn near a military base in the Isfahan area, in the center of the country, due to the “successful” downing of small drones by the anti-aircraft defense system. For its part, North American media stated, citing senior officials, that Israel had responded in this way to Tehran in retaliation for the missile and drone attack on April 13.

According to the Washington Post, which cited an Israeli official on condition of anonymity, The attack sought to demonstrate to Iran that Israel is capable of reaching the interior of its territory.

Tension in the Middle East: Iran attack on Israel

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Attacks between Iran and Israel.

Attacks between Iran and Israel.

International concern about the situation in the region increased after Iran launched an unprecedented attack of drones and missiles against Israeli territory on the night of April 13. The vast majority of projectiles were intercepted by the Israeli air defense and its allies such as the United States, Jordan and France.

Tehran, the Iranian capital, presented this operation as a act of “self-defense”in response to the bombing of his consulate in Damascus on April 1, in which seven Revolutionary Guards were killed.

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