Laura Raffo launched a great call for the unity of the National Party

Laura Raffo launched a great call for the unity of the National Party

The presidential candidate points to a great ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the return of Wilson Ferreira Aldunate to exhibit strength in the face of the 2024 elections.

The presidential candidate Laura Raffo called for an event to show “the great unity” of the National Party, by promoting the importance of representing all sectors in the face of the elections 2024.

Raffo, who appears behind Alvaro Delgado internally of the PN, he highlighted that the key is that the Republican Coalition stay united to “beat the Wide Front in October and November.”

“We want a second coalition government led by the National Party,” highlighted the sector pre-candidate. Add, when evaluating the president’s management Luis Lacalle Pou, in the middle of the race with Delgado, Jorge Gandini, Carlos Iafigliola and Roxana Corbran, to which could be added Juan Sartori.

In that sense, the economist called for a joint event on June 16, 40 years since the return of Wilson Ferreira Aldunate to the port. “We want to do, as a sign of unity and a big party that encompasses us all, a great event commemorating that date, to show that the party is strong and growing,” he said at a ceremony at the Spanish Club of Montevideo.

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Laura Raffo’s proposal

Raffo referred to the proposals in which the PN differs from the Wide Front and clarified: “We believe in generating employment and not put more taxes; in defending democracy and not defending dictatorships; in preventing and repressing crime and not in getting criminals out of prison.

In the last few hours, the pre-candidate had expressed the guidelines of her security, which contemplates the carrying out of night raids and a strengthening of container controls in the Port of Montevideo.

On the other hand, in the economic aspect, he announced that he plans to move forward with a tax reduction, along with promoting the creation of employment.

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