How do you pay for this Monday’s holiday?

How do you pay for this Monday’s holiday?

The date of the Landing of the 33 Orientals is a working holiday that was moved from last Friday to this Monday.

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This Friday, April 19, we commemorated the Landing of the 33 Orientalsalthough, due to the current law on holidays – which aims to promote tourism – the holiday was moved to this Monday the 22nd.

This day commemorates a historical event where, under the motto “Freed or death” in the white stripe of the tricolor flag with which Juan Antonio Lavalleja, Manuel Oribe and his troops crossed the Uruguay River and landed on the Agraciada beach. After the landing, and together with neighbors who responded to Lavalleja’s request, they were able to expel the Portuguese troops. From there, on August 25 of that year, at the Piedra Alta de la Florida Assembly, the Declaration of Independence.

Currently, the Uruguayan government continues to seek to eliminate landslides. holidays non-working days to be commemorated on the corresponding days, however, this has not yet gone through the discussions of the Parliament.

Working holiday, how is it paid?

April 19 is a working holiday and national legislation establishes that workers who receive their salary monthly will do so normally. whether or not its activity is interrupted due to the holiday. Regarding day laborers, a common figure in the agricultural sector, they will receive wages only in the case of working on a holiday, that is, Thursday or Friday.

Non-working ones, on the other hand, according to law 12,590 of 1958 that governs non-working holidays In Uruguay, “every worker will receive remuneration as if he worked; if he works, he will receive double pay.”

The schedule of the remaining holidays in 2024


Wednesday, May 1 – Workers’ Day (non-working, does not move)

Saturday, May 18 – Battle of the Stones (working, mobile)


Saturday, June 17 – Birthday of Artigas (weekdays, runs to Monday, June 19)


Thursday, July 18 – Swearing in of the Constitution (non-working, no running)


Sunday, August 25 – Declaration of Independence (non-working, immovable)


Saturday, October 12 – Day of respect for cultural diversity. (working, immovable)


Saturday, November 2 – All Souls’ Day (working days, no running)


Wednesday, December 25 – Christmas (not working, not passed).

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