The economic teams of the pre-candidates continue to be a mystery

The economic teams of the pre-candidates continue to be a mystery

The potential economic teams of the different presidential candidates of the main political parties of the Uruguay They continue to be a mystery heading into the internal elections on June 30, and the market observes with uncertainty the lack of certainty regarding proper names.

So far, the presidential candidates have not informed who the technical members of their economic teams would be and those who did, did not clarify what role they would occupy.

Recently, the president of the Montevideo Stock Exchange (BVM), Ángel Urraburuhe assured Ambit that in the local market there is an atmosphere of “uncertainty” regarding government programs and their lack of emphasis on “specific economic issues” by political parties.

In the last hours, the candidate for the Broad Front (FA), Yamandú Orsistated in a press conference that “no ministry can be resolved now”, since that would be “madness”, and denied having resolved that the economist Gabriel Oddone will be in front of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in case he comes to power, as is speculated.

“What is certain is that (Oddone) is someone I consult,” explained Orsi, who indicated that he also consults with the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Fernando Lorenzoand the Broad Front politician Daniel Olesker. “There are so many people who can contribute so much,” she reflected.

Asked about some disparate opinions of Oddone with positions of the FA, such as that of some sectors around the retirement reform, the former mayor of cannelloni He expressed: “The FA has its program and will have its government plans, those are the action plans, whatever is within that goes, whoever does not agree with that does not go.”

For his part, the former undersecretary of the MEF, Pablo Ferreriis actively participating in the electoral campaign of the mayor of Montevideo and pre-candidate for the FA, Carolina Cosseso it is presumed that she could occupy an important position if the capital leader triumphs in the internal elections.

Álvaro Delgado and Laura Raffo dispute technical skills in the white internal room

With regard to the internal National Party (PN)at the end of last year the economist and presidential candidate, Laura Raffopublicly stated that it would be “an honor” for the current head of the MEF, Azucena Arbelechejoin your economic team.

On the side of pre-candidate Álvaro Delgadothe dance of names is greater, since the favorite to win the white intern would positively value the performance of the economist Diego Labat as president of Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) throughout the current government administration.

In turn, it is known that at the campaign level he is financially advised by the economist Agustín Iturraldeformer director of the Center for Development Studies (CED) and by José Martín Inthamousu Faralwho is Labat’s advisor at the BCU, as well as for the director of Uruguay XXI, Sebastián Rissoregarding the export of global services.

Gabriel Gurméndez, with Jorge Batlle’s economic team

The one who did appear accompanied by his economic advisors from early in the campaign was the candidate of the Colorado Party (PC), Gabriel Gurméndezsince it received the support of the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Isaac Alfieand the former president of the BCU, Julio de Brunboth former officials under the government of Jorge Batlle.

Although at the moment it is not clear what positions they would occupy in a possible Gurméndez presidency, since Alfie himself may not seek to get involved in politics again to dedicate himself to activity in the private sector.

Source: Ambito

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