COFAG-U Committee: Benko apologizes again

COFAG-U Committee: Benko apologizes again
Benko canceled his appearance for the second time.

The “Tiroler Tageszeitung” reported this on Monday. Benko had known about his cargo for a long time, the APA said. Further applications for compulsory penalties are also being submitted, specifically against former finance minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) and investor Siegfried Wolf.

Benko was invited again for Wednesday. His lawyer Norbert Wess referred to the “TT” to a court date for the insolvent entrepreneur that day. In addition, his client does not know what he is legally accused of. He could therefore not prepare sufficiently. Benko had already canceled his first statement on April 4th at short notice due to the large number of statements of facts submitted against him.

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Benko loaded for Thursday

Now the SPÖ wants to try again and announced Benko’s summons for next Thursday. If the entrepreneur does not accept this without sufficient justification, an application for presentation to the U-Committee should be submitted. It was said that Benko was subject to a legal obligation to cooperate. However, the applications to the Federal Administrative Court for a penalty against Blümel and Wolf are fixed.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary groups also agreed to question Finance Minister Magnus Brunner in the U-Committee on Wednesday. He was actually invited for Thursday at the request of NEOS, but he was unable to attend that day. After him, Vice Chancellor Kogler was invited to provide information on the same day. He has already agreed.

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