Parents protest against cooling system in the monastery garden

Parents protest against cooling system in the monastery garden
The cooling system in the garden of the former Capuchin monastery.

The parents of the Michael Reitter School on Kapuzinerstrasse in Linz wrote an open letter to political decision-makers. The reason is the construction of a cooling system on the neighboring property, the former monastery garden, directly at the state school center for hearing and visual education. Parents fear impacts on the children’s health and well-being. For children who already struggle with hearing problems, the constant background noise emitted by the cooling system is an additional burden.

The parents’ association demands:

  • a thorough review of the cooling system and its effects with the involvement of the parents’ association
  • Solutions that ensure noise levels and potential health risks are minimized
  • transparent communication about the measures taken and the audit results

Initiative dropped out of cooperative procedures

Last week, the “Initiative Klostergarten” protested against the construction of the cooling system at this location. A massive impairment of the children is to be expected. The facility was also not agreed upon in the cooperative process, which is why the initiative withdrew from it.

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Cooler not audible

The developer contradicts the criticism. According to an expert report, the ambient noise is higher during school operations and the dry cooler is “basically not audible. Tests will be carried out again after the system has been set up in order to rule out any impairment of the children.

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The monastery becomes an office building

As reported, the 400-year-old, listed monastery and church will be transformed into a modern office building with 300 workplaces. On the north side, a new six-story building provides the necessary office space. Everything should be ready in the 4th quarter of 2024. The project has a long history. Original plans for a high-rise building in the garden of the monastery, which was closed in 1991, had to be abandoned following protests from residents. The current draft also needed three attempts in the design advisory board before it gave the green light. With the help of a cooperative planning process, ideas were also collected for the entire district on how a neighborhood garage could relieve the pressure on the streets that were blocked by parking.

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