Beatriz Argimón guaranteed the custody of the PIT-CNT signatures

Beatriz Argimón guaranteed the custody of the PIT-CNT signatures

On Saturday, the vice president will receive the signed ballots to promote the plebiscite against the social security reform.

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The Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimónguaranteed from the Legislative power the custody of all the ballots signed by the PIT-CNT to boost the plebiscite against social security reform facing the Elections 2024.

This Monday, at a press conference, the president of the general Assembly He assured that the boxes with more than 276,000 signatures are expected to be received next Saturday the 27th.

Likewise, Argimón commented that they maintained communications with the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdalawho confirmed that they are close to reaching the signatures and that they would be sent next Saturday.

Today, Abdala called through his “, but not the members of the union center.

“When we saw that the end of the possible delivery period was approaching, we contacted the Electoral Court in order to already have all the scaffolding planned, which is to receive (the signatures) to deliver to the (Electoral) Court,” he detailed the policy of the National Party (PN).

In that sense, he continued saying that they are coordinating with the Electoral Court the delivery schedule on the same day, since “the (Electoral) Court is having a lot of work in recent days.” “Obviously, Parliament guarantees the custody of the signatures,” he said in this regard.

The government downplayed the number of parallel plebiscites

Asked if the government is “surprised” as a result of the several plebiscites that are sought to be promoted in parallel, the vice president emphatically stated: “No.”

“It is the democratic exercise that our citizens do historically with various issues, it is a resource provided for in the Constitution,” he said before adding: “It is one more democratic instance.”

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