At a glance: All State Theater productions 2024/25

At a glance: All State Theater productions 2024/25
Full house in the State Theater


  • The Magic Flute, opera by Wolfgang A. Mozart, from September 21st, Great Hall Music Theater (MTh). Musical direction (ML): Ingmar Beck, direction (R): François de Carpentries
  • Paganini, Operetta by Franz Lehar, from October 12th, Great Hall MTh, ML: Marc Reibel, R: Thomas Enzinger
  • Il Viaggio (UA) – The light from the other houseThe Journey, two one-act operas by Alois Bröder, from October 19th, BlackBox MTh, ML: Jinie Ka, R: Gregor Horres
  • Resumption: The Batcomic operetta by Johann Strauss, from October 25th. Great Hall MTh, ML: Marc Reibel, R: Thomas Enzinger
  • Madama ButterflyJapanese opera tragedy by Giacomo Puccini, from December 7th, Great Hall MTh, ML: nnb (not yet named), D: Isabel Osterman
  • The Sacred Duck – a game with gods and menopera by Hans Gal, from December 14th, BlackBox MTh, ML: Ingmar Beck, R: Gregor Horres
  • Our Children at Night (UA)a musical story by Helmut Jasbar (ages 12 and up), from January 19, 2025, Great Hall MTh, ML: Ingmar Beck, R: Hermann Schneider
  • The Flying Dutchmanromantic opera by Richard Wagner, from January 25, 2025, Great Hall MTh, ML: Markus Poschner, D: Hermann Schneider
  • The wonderful effect of naturer, comic opera by Giuseppe Scarlatti, from February 8, 2025, BlackBox MTh, ML: nnb, R: Gregor Horres
  • The cunning vixenopera by Leo Janacek, from March 29, 2025, Great Hall MTh, ML: Markus Poschner, R: Peter Konwitschny
  • Papageno and the Magic Fluteopera by Wolfgang A. Mozart in a version for little people (ages 6 and up), from April 13, 2025, Great Hall MTh, ML: Jinie Ka, R: François de Carpentries
  • Guillaume Tell (William Tell)opera by Gioachino Rossini, from May 17, 2025, Great Hall MTh, ML: Enrico Calesso, R: Georg Schmiedleitner

    OÖN report on the schedule presentation: “You normally only experience something like this in other world locations”

“Culture is a team sport,” writes our culture director Peter Grubmüller in his comment:


  • Wonderland (EE, DSE) by Frank Wildhorn, Jack Murphy, Jennifer Paulson-Lee & Gabriel Barre, from September 8th, Great Hall MTh, ML: Tom Bitterlich,
    R: Christoph Drewitz
  • Something Rotten! (DSE) – Hamlet or Omeletthat is the question from Karey Kirkpatrick, Wayne Kirkpatrick, John O’Farrel, from November 16th, Great Hall MTh, ML: Tom Bitterlich, R: Matthias Davids
  • Sweeney ToddBarber of Horrors from Fleet Street by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler, from February 15, 2025, Great Hall MTh, ML: Tom Bitterlich, R: Simon Eichenberger
    Rent by Jonathan Larson, from April 26, 2025, Schauspielhaus, R: David Bösch

    OÖN report on the schedule presentation: The State Theater is mixing classics and exclusives for 2024/25

DANCE 24/25

  • Love train 2.0, Dance piece by Emanuel Gat, music: Tears for Fears, from October 26th, Great Hall MTh, choreography/light: Emanuel Gat
  • Fall/ Orobo Novo (ÖE)Music: Arvo Pärt/ Szymon Brzoska, from March 1, 2025, Great Hall MTh, ML: Marc Reibel, R/Choreography: SL Cherkaoui
  • Living Room – a double dance eveningfrom May 18, 2025, BlackBox MTh, choreography/D: TANZ LINZ


  • A lot of noise about nothingcomedy by William Shakespeare, from September 14, 2024, Schauspielhaus, R: David Bösch
  • Oh God! Comedy by Anat Gov, from September 20, 2024, Kammerspiele, R: Guy Ben-Aharon
  • Summer resort trilogy (UA), comedy by Franzobel, after Carlo Goldoni, from October 5th, 2024, Schauspielhaus, R: Matthias Rippert.
  • Love affair by Arthur Schnitzlercooperation with the Salzkammergut Festival Weeks, from October 25th, Kammerspiele, R: Anna Stiepani
  • The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, from December 6th, Schauspielhaus, R: Susanne Lietzow
  • Monte Rosa by Teresa Dopler, from December 15th, Studiobühne Promenade, R: Valeria Popp
  • The Broken Circle (ÖE) by Johan Heldenbergh and Mieke Dobbels, from February 1, 2025, Kammerspiele, R: Sara Ostertag
  • The tonight, live forever or the Nosferatu principle (ÖE) by Sivan Ben Yishai, from February 2, 2025, Studiobühne Promenade, R: Johanna Ziemer.
  • The boss of the whole thing (ÖE), comedy by Lars von Trier, from February 28, 2025, Schauspielhaus, R: Stephanie Mohr
  • James Brown wore curlers, Comedy by Yasmina Reza, from March 21, 2025, Kammerspiele, R: Fanny Brunner
  • Conversations with astronautscomedy by Felicia Zeller, from April 12, 2025, Studiobühne Promenade, R: Joachim Gottfried Goller
  • The escape of Lidia Winiewicz and Ernst Waldbrunn, from May 10, 2025, Kammerspiele, R: David Bösch
  • Undiscovered worldscooperation with the Schäxpir Festival, June 2025


  • Young classic – Romeo & JulietShort Cuts after Shakespeare, version by Nele Neitzke, (13+), from September 15, 2024, Studiobühne Promenade, R: N. Neitzke
  • Patrick’s trick by Kristo Agor (10+), from September 28th, studio stage, R: Heidelinde Leutgöb
  • Puss in Boots (ÖE) by Thomas Freyer, based on the Brothers Grimm (6+), from November 17th, Kammerspiele, R: Nele Neitzke
  • The Lionheart Brothersby Astrid Lindgren, edited by Eva Sköld (9+), from January 12, 2025, Kammerspiele, R: Jens Kerbel
  • The little Prince (ÖE) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, edited by Thorsten Bihegue (6+), from February 25, 2025, Studiobühne Promenade, R: Veronika Haider
  • Around the cornerby Bernhard Studlar (3+), from March 23, 2025, Vestibül Kammerspiele, R: Anna-Katharina Wurz
  • Point Nemo (ÖE), by Annika Scheffel (13+), from April 13, 2025, Kammerspiele, R: Martin Philip

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