Leondinger Digi-AHS starts with two classes

Leondinger Digi-AHS starts with two classes
Director Andreas Riedl will start with two classes.

By the end of March, 50 students had registered for the lower level of the new Digi-AHS. This means that you can definitely start with two classes in the fall. Up to four classes would have been possible. There probably won’t be an upper level, as there weren’t enough registrations for that. “I am sure that we can start the upper level a year later, in the 2025/26 school year,” says Leonding Mayor Sabine Naderer-Jelinek (SP). The teaching staff was able to staff all core subjects and all other compulsory subjects with experienced experts.

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Construction will begin in the fall

After the local council decided to award the contract for the temporary container solution at the beginning of April (the OÖN reported), the construction negotiations for it took place in mid-April. The winning project in the architectural competition for the future new school building is also expected to be chosen in May. Construction is scheduled to begin in autumn 2024.

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