There will be new rates for charging electric vehicles

There will be new rates for charging electric vehicles

The National Administration of Power Plants and Electric Transmissions (UTE) reported new rates for chargers electric vehicles, which will come into effect from the month of May and will have a novelty: the prices will be the same throughout the day.

The state company will begin to charge a discount for the connection to the chargers, It is both slow and fast charging. The price of the first one will be $40 more VAT, while for fast chargers the value will be 97 pesos plus taxes.

The other novelty is that the price of the rates They will be the same throughout the day, that is, the alternating current will have a value of 7.54 pesos plus VAT and the continuous current will have a value of 8.57 plus VAT. Previously, prices varied depending on the time of day, which was divided into three bands: 3.6 pesos / 6.7 and 17.5 per kilowatt.

In that sense, they announced that the private cars and companies will have a 30% bonus on these prices, while for taxis and cars by application the return will be 40%.

In addition, they reported that extra charges will begin to be applied for users who leave the vehicle charging when it is fully charged. They will be between 7 and 9 pesos plus VAT and will begin to be applied after 20 minutes that the car remains connected and charging has not started.

A milestone for UTE

At the middle of March, UTE managed to meet the milestone of installing 300 electric chargers on national routes. The announcement took place during an event in Trinity, Flowers, where the president Luis Lacalle Pou He stressed that it is a state policy that has Uruguay as a reference in sustainable matters.

The president valued that in the country 98% of the energy is generated from renewable sources, which places the country in a prominent place worldwide, while he pointed out that “the electric mobility “It favors better care of the environment, an issue of which greater awareness has been raised.”

“This represents greater sovereignty for the country, since it generates less dependence on other energy sources. A very virtuous process is generated in which the use of clean energy and, at the same time, our own energy come together,” he expressed. Lacalle Pou.

In this way, the government managed to meet one of the management objectives, which was to have a fast electric charger every 50 kilometers.

For her part, the president of UTE, Silvia Emaldi, He stressed that the country is the most advanced of Latin America regarding the extension of electric power on its routes, in line with the data that shows that it is, together with Costa Rica, the country with the highest penetration in the sale of electric cars.

In that sense, he specified that “of the 300 chargers installed, 100 are fast charging, which allows 80% of the accumulation to be completed in 20 minutes.” Along the same lines, he recalled that last year some 220,000 loads were carried out, which doubles the figure for 2022.

Source: Ambito

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