Trump asks for absolute immunity and awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling

Trump asks for absolute immunity and awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling

USA continues on its way to the presidential election this year, which will be held next November 5th. In this context, donald trump awaits a crucial decision from the Supreme Court: the highest American judicial body will examine whether the former president enjoys criminal immunity for the acts that occurred during his presidency.

Trump is currently facing charges for having paid $130,000 to prevent an alleged affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels from coming to light in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign, as well as by the events that happened at the Capitol after his defeat at the polls against Joe Biden. It is the first time that a former tenant of the pink house faces a judicial process of this caliber.

What will be the ruling of the United States Supreme Court?

Although the official decision of the US judicial body remains to be known, the majority of constitutional law experts They predict Trump a judicial defeat. However, the treatment for the case of “electoral fraud” that the businessman faces can mean a political victorygiven that delayed the start of the trial against the former president in the middle of the electoral campaign ahead of the November elections.

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The Supreme Court is composed of 1 Chief Justice and 8 Associate Justices.

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The Supreme Court Finally, you must decide whether accept the Republican leader’s request to grant him criminal immunity as former president for his acts committed while in office. Previously, two courts flatly rejected this argument that a former president enjoys “absolute immunity“, but now the Supreme Court, of conservative majority and with three of the nine justices appointed by Trumpaccepted treatment of the case.

One of the lower courts that ruled on the case found that the Constitution does not support this argument: “We cannot accept that the office of the presidency places its former occupants above the law forever,” the judges said. James Sampleprofessor of constitutional law at the Hosftra Universityestimated that it is unlikely that the Supreme Court would affirm that a president enjoys general immunity: “I find it difficult to believe that even this very, very conservative and very pro-Trump Supreme Court would be inclined to rule in favor of an argument that says that a president is completely immune, basically it doesn’t matter what you do“.

Notably there is no jurisprudence on the matter, since it is the first time that a former president faces accusations of this nature. “As everyone knows, Richard Nixon broke the criminal law. But since he resigned and Geral Ford pardoned him, we have never had to directly address the notion of a criminal trial.“said Sample.

In the midst of the electoral campaigns, Donald Trump’s situation becomes increasingly complex. Randall Eliason, a former prosecutor of district that teaches in the George Washington Universityconsidered that the unique circumstances of the case warrant a quick decision, although the Supreme Court may wait until the end of its current term in June to issue a ruling: “We have never before had a situation where a defendant potentially had the ability to overturn his own prosecution if he wins re-election.“Eliason stated.

Presidential elections on the horizon

With the legal battle as one of the main scenarios, the United States continues to develop its electoral process. It will culminate on November 5 when American citizens vote to choose who will be the next President of the nation.

After the withdrawal of Nikki Haley, Republican politics, of the primary elections, the way was paved for the confrontation in November. Again, they will be donald trumpfor him Republican Party and the current President, Joe Bidenfor him democratic partywho will face each other and fight for their place in the oval room of the white house.

This result in the primaries dictated the first electoral rematch that will take place in almost 70 years. Both politicians now face the challenge of facing an intense 7-month electoral campaign.


Like that November 3, 2020, Trump and Biden will meet again in this year's elections.

Like that November 3, 2020, Trump and Biden will meet again in this year’s elections.


Both political opponents have been exchanging attacks to discard the opponent. As soon as he obtained her Democratic nomination, a month ago, Biden issued a statement in which he thanked his voters for their support and considered that “The threat posed by the former president is greater than ever“.

“Trump is carrying out a campaign of hate, revenge and retaliation“said Biden. For his part, Trump assured that “Biden is the worst president in history“, accused his opponent of “corrupt“and explained that”must be defeated“.

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