More than 160 whales were stranded, 26 died and they fear having to sacrifice them

More than 160 whales were stranded, 26 died and they fear having to sacrifice them

The whales are stranded in the bay near the town of Toby Inlet. Mass death could occur.

More than 160 whales were stranded on the coast of Australia.

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a herd of More than 160 whales stranded in Geographe Bayin Australia and 26 of them died. Now they fear that the number will grow due to the conditions to which they were exposed and maintain that a mass death or that you have to sacrifice them.

The event alerted rescuers from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions of Australia and they have been trying to rescue them since the early hours of this Thursday. The mammals are found in the bay of the town of Toby Inletin the city of dunsborough.

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Pod of whales stranded in Geographe Bay, Australia.

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The whales that are stranded are four flocks of pilot whalesa type of the species Globicephal, which measure on average around six meters in length and weigh up to 800 kilograms. As confirmed by a spokesperson for the department, the 160 pilot whales were distributed in some 500 meters“.

“A team of experienced staff including wildlife officers, marine scientists and veterinarians “It is in place or on the way,” he reported. Furthermore, he explained that, taking into account previous cases, having to move the animals sometimes means that they later have to “to be sacrificed” to avoid suffering dragged on.

Images and videos of the animals stranded on the coast along with bathers and volunteers who are trying to collaborate with the rescue began to spread on social networks. Some of the stranded whales are a little submerged and exposed to the sun, while others They are in danger of drowning.

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Courtesy X @NoticieroSLV.

According to what he said Ian Wiesefrom the whale conservation group Geographe Marine Researchto Australian media, more than 100 volunteers came to the scene to help rescue the whales.

In addition, he noted that in the next few hours there could be “many deaths“. Regarding this, he maintained that the situation “is terrible” and referred to the causes why whales run aground in herds, something about which he said that “there are many theories”, but of which no one has been able to find the reason.

As for the people who come to help, the authorities warned of the risks that exist if they do not follow the orders of the experts. In that sense, they asked people not to try to rescue the animals without indications from Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions staff as this may “cause further injury and distress to animalsand hinder a coordinated rescue initiative.”

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