This is how the PIT-CNT delivered the signatures of the plebiscite

This is how the PIT-CNT delivered the signatures of the plebiscite

The union center reached the necessary adhesions to enable popular consultation on pension matters.

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He PIT-CNT today delivered 430,023 signatures to enable the plebiscite against social security reform in Uruguay and submit to popular consultation a constitutional reform in pension matters. To do this, they made a caravan to the Parliament, where the vice president Beatriz Argimon received the adhesions.

“We are in the return operation and it is going very well,” he assured in the previous Gustavo González, secretary general of Fucvam —which integrates the PIT-CNT— a Underlined, and added that this Saturday “a new feat of the social movement of our country” was commemorated.

The union center carried out the logistics for the delivery of signatures for the ballot that establishes the retirement age at 60 years, equates the minimum passiveness to the national minimum wage and eliminates the AFAP and profit.

Orsi’s criticisms

The presidential candidate for Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, He spoke about the plebiscite and assured that he does not support the initiative because he does not agree with the way it is worded. “That citizens have to resolve later is not a worrying factor. I simply do not support the proposal because of how it is worded, but we should never be worried about something that involves involving society in a discussion, which of course we will have to have,” she stated.

However, he admitted that the popular consultation is united by its objective, which is to position himself against the reform approved last year. “We are united by opposition to reform of social security that this government carried out, we do not consider that it was a good reform and we do not consider that it solves the problems, I think that some accentuate them,” he explained.

“The formula that was chosen and the text that was decided to be incorporated into the referendum It doesn’t convince me. It is not that I am against a move that aims at the same objective as us, but it does not seem like the best path to us,” the candidate concluded.

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