A sunny holiday for Upper Austria is coming

A sunny holiday for Upper Austria is coming
The Parkbad Linz upholds tradition and opens on May 1st.

The Upper Austrians enjoyed early summer temperatures on Saturday and Sunday, and the good weather continued at the start of the week: “Lots of sunshine from early to late,” announced Maximilian Sterz, meteorologist at Geosphere Austria, for today, Monday. Upper Austria will remain sunny until the holiday on May 1st.

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The reason is a weak high in combination with a southwesterly flow that carries warm and somewhat dry air from Africa to Upper Austria. However, it brings Sahara dust with it, which is why high clouds can always form – but these only temporarily cloud the sunshine, explains Sterz: “Overall, it stays sunny and warm.”

The maximum temperatures today are around 25 degrees, on Tuesday they will climb again: up to 29 degrees are possible. The temperatures are well above the long-term average, explains Sterz: “We are very spoiled because it was already so warm this year. But it is around 10 degrees warmer than usual for this time of year.”

Even on May 1st, the sun remains favorable for the Upper Austrians: the easterly winds freshen up in the lowlands and the southerly winds in the mountains. But the temperatures are getting very close to the 30 degree mark again.

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The weather would already be suitable for swimming, but most of the outdoor pools are not yet open. The Parkbad in Linz upholds tradition and opens on May 1st, as it has for decades. Brave people can cool off in nature: the temperatures in the Salzkammergut lakes are currently between 9 and 13 degrees.

Change on Thursday

The meteorological fair weather interlude is expected to come to an end on Thursday: a low pressure area is spreading, accompanied by falling temperatures and unstable weather. The first rain showers are possible in the south of the country, but the rest of the country will remain dry for the time being.

The 20 degree mark will be broken again in large parts of the country on Thursday and Friday. However, it will be cooler at the weekend, when showers and continuous rain can be expected throughout the state.

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