I’m an older man and I’m competing against a 6 year old.

I’m an older man and I’m competing against a 6 year old.

The president of USA, Joe Biden, disqualified the former president and possible rival in the elections next November, donald trump, and attacked him for his immaturity. With a comment at a public event, the Head of State mocked the tycoon: “Yes, age is a problem. I am an older man and I compete against a 6-year-old boy”he joked.

The Democratic president spoke this Saturday during the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Associationan event that celebrates the journalists who cover the day-to-day life of the presidency and raises funds for scholarships.

Joe Biden spoke about Donald Trump

“Age is the only thing we have in common. In fact, my vice president supports me”he added Biden81 years old, in reference to the fact that, although Trump is 77, he often attacks him and calls him “old.”

In addition, the president referred to the scandal involving his rival, accused of paying US$130,000 to Stormy Daniels, a porn actress with whom he had a sexual encounter, in exchange for her silence. “Donald also has problems these days… we could call them ‘stormy days'”he ironized, in a play on words with the name of the woman involved, which means “stormy.”

trump and biden.jpg

Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“Honestly, I’m not asking you to take sides. I am asking you to rise to the seriousness of the moment. “Leave behind the horse racing numbers and the cheating moments and the distractions, the sideshows that have come to dominate and sensationalize our politics and focus on what’s really at stake,” Biden asked reporters.

However, the president then offered a somber speech about what he believes is at stake in these elections, saying that another government of trump would be even more harmful to USA that his first mandate.

“We must take this seriously. Eight years ago we would have downplayed it as ‘trash talk.’ trump‘, but not after January 6,” he said Biden to the public, alluding to the supporters of trump who stormed the Capitol after Biden defeated the Republican leader in the 2020 elections.

Gaza war protests greet guests at Joe Biden’s dinner

On the other hand, outside the Washington Hilton, where the event took place, Several hundred protesters chanted slogans about the death of journalists in Gaza. Hundreds of protesters encouraged journalists to boycott the annual event and shouted at officials as they entered. President Biden He avoided referring to the issue.

This year Biden suffered several of these protests over what is happening in Gaza at different eventsincluding during a fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York that was interrupted by protesters.

This movement against the Government for support of Israel in Palestine has expanded to university campuses in the United Stateswhich means a growing revolt within the Democratic base that Biden needs to defeat Trump, the Republican favorite.

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