Bullying and kicking at the Urfahraner market – 3 friends (11) harassed by a group of young people

Bullying and kicking at the Urfahraner market – 3 friends (11) harassed by a group of young people
Crowds at the market area – the hustle and bustle also has its downsides

The traditional Urfahran market opened this weekend in wonderful weather. The well-attended fair is a meeting place for many Linzers and Upper Austrians twice a year. The dark side of the market – which is largely peaceful – can be seen in two examples from Saturday.

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In the afternoon, three 11-year-olds who were alone at the fair were threatened by 7 young people and later kicked. The friends actually wanted to have a fun afternoon and go on rides. According to the police, they were approached and harassed by a group of young people. When a coin fell out of one of the 11-year-olds’ hands, a boy took the money and didn’t want to give it back. Because the teenagers were superior to the children and frightening, the younger ones moved on. But they continued to be followed. A teenager kicked one of the 11-year-olds in the foot from behind, causing him to fall onto the concrete and injure his knee.

The three 11-year-olds ran away, but were still not left alone, found and harassed by the group. Money was demanded. Adults came to the children’s aid and were able to chase the young people away, according to police.

“Parents filed a complaint with the children”

The frightened children called their parents. “The parents were also the ones who later filed a police report with the children,” the police said.

Two of the aggressive young people were located a short time later by police officers. According to the police, it is a 13-year-old Hungarian citizen from Linz and a 14-year-old Austrian.

A few hours later, two young people filed a complaint, a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old, both from the Urfahr-Raum district. They said they were harassed by other young people. Money was also demanded and threats of beatings were made.

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After an immediate search by the police, the two wanted young people were caught on the Danube cycle path, which runs past the site, and at the fairgrounds.

“Of course, like every year, the police are very well positioned – so we were able to act quickly and find the perpetrators,” says Barbara Riedl from the state police department.

A 17-year-old Syrian from Linz refused to testify, while a 16-year-old stateless person from Linz claimed that he had only been there. Both will be reported to the public prosecutor.

Investigations and interviews in both cases are ongoing.

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