Google activates AI extensions for Austria

Google activates AI extensions for Austria
Google’s Gemini comes in three different versions.

The Internet company announced this on Tuesday via its press office in Austria. With the new function you can give Gemini access to the services Google Maps, Google Flights, Google Hotels and YouTube, but also Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs. In a blog entry, Google writes that the system delivers relevant information from the relevant services directly to the chat with Gemini if ​​you agree to link the respective app. The connection between the apps and services and the Gemini AI can be reversed at any time.

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How Gemini makes travel planning easier

For example, when planning a trip with friends, working with the Gemini extensions could work like this: If you have already exchanged a few thoughts and appointments via email in advance, you can first ask Gemini in the Gmail history with your friends to see which data suits everyone. Based on this, you can now display flight and hotel information and select YouTube videos with tips for things to do. Gemini can also summarize the highlights directly in an email to friends.

With the Gemini extensions, the US company is primarily competing against Microsoft’s “Co-Pilot” AI function, which also enables a link to Office documents and other personal data sets. Google first introduced its AI extensions in the USA a good seven months ago.

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