Cat was accidentally shipped in Amazon package in the USA

Cat was accidentally shipped in Amazon package in the USA
The four-legged friend was found safe and sound in an Amazon warehouse. (symbol image)

As cat owner Carrie Clark described to the television station KSL TV, her cat Galena disappeared without a trace from her home in the state of Utah in mid-April. Her disappearance sparked an intensive search, with the Clarks putting up “missing” posters throughout the neighborhood.

Warehouse worker found pet

Less than a week later, a veterinarian from Los Angeles, hundreds of miles away, reported that an Amazon warehouse worker had found Galena in a box next to several pairs of returned boots. “I ran to my husband to tell him that Galena had been found. We broke down when we realized that she must have jumped into an oversized box that we had shipped the previous Wednesday,” Clark told the station. She and her husband flew to Los Angeles to pick up the cat.

Video: KSL News reported on the strange incident

Registered via microchip

Amazon quoted warehouse worker Brandy Hunter as saying she immediately saw from Galena’s behavior that the cat belonged to someone. She then took the animal home and took it to the vet the next day, who tracked down Galena’s owner using her microchip.

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