Serious incidents in Paris due to the May 1 marches with demands against Macron

Serious incidents in Paris due to the May 1 marches with demands against Macron

In defense of greater labor rights, thousands of people demonstrated this Wednesday, on International Workers’ Day, and were repressed by security forces.

Workers, activists and citizens from Europe and Asia marched this May 1 for the International Workers Day, under demands for salary increases, and improvements in labor policies and rights. In Franceprotesters They also advocated for peacehighlighting the context of ongoing conflicts, such as hostilities in Gaza and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This day is commemorated in many countries to remember the workers’ rights and the path taken by previous generations to achieve them. This year, the mobilizations revolved around various demands for general economic issues and political demands.

The security forces of different countries deployed operations to dismantle said demonstrations. To achieve this objective, different methods of police repression were applied.

March and incidents in Paris

In Paris, protesters gathered at the Republic Square to participate in a march led by the country’s main unions, demanding better salaries and working conditions. Furthermore, it is expected that pro-Palestinian groups and activists against the holding of the Olympic Games, to be held in less than three months, join the demonstration in the French capital.

The unions filed an indefinite strike notice to pressure the government to make concessions. They warned that all sectors, including hospitals, They will go on strike during the Games if the government does not adequately compensate people who are forced to work during the summer holidays.


Paris will host the 2024 Olympic Games.

Paris will host the 2024 Olympic Games.


Although this demonstration “will be different from last year’s”, “an important May 1 in terms of mobilization” is expected, in a context of “attacks on freedoms”including freedom of association, and a delicate social situationassured the French trade unionist, Céline Verzeletti.

The situation in France has been tense for some time, with recent protests by teachers, police officers and farmers following last year’s large demonstrations against the increase in the retirement age.

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