Linzer (56) fell to his death on the way to the Great Pyhrgas

Linzer (56) fell to his death on the way to the Great Pyhrgas
The hikers found their way to the Great Pyhrgas.

A mistake ended fatally for a 56-year-old on the national holiday: The man from Linz wanted to climb the Kleiner Pyhrgas (2,023 m) with his 46-year-old friend, but took the wrong turn after the Gowilalm at around 1,365 meters above sea level. The two mountaineers ended up on the more demanding Bad Haller Steig, which leads through steep terrain to the Großer Pyhrgas (2244 m).

Fell 50 meters

While crossing a gully on the marked path, the companion walking behind noticed a rockfall and wanted to warn the man. The call came too late: the man from Linz was hit by the falling stones, lost his balance and fell around 50 meters over steep, rocky terrain.

Recovered by rope

The woman, risking her life, climbed down to the place where she had fallen, with stones continuing to fall through the gully into the valley, and alerted the emergency services. The emergency medical helicopter got the man from Linz and his uninjured companion out of the dangerous situation using rope. But for the 56-year-old, any help came too late. Despite attempts at resuscitation, he succumbed to his serious injuries, the police said on Wednesday evening.

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A good three weeks ago, a 49-year-old from the city of Hague fell to his death in the area. The Lower Austrian probably lost his footing on the way between Gowilalm and the alpine hiking trail on the Großer Pyhrgas. He fell around 50 meters and his body was only found the next day.

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