He more than fulfilled his task, highlighted Lacalle Pou by Pablo Mieres

He more than fulfilled his task, highlighted Lacalle Pou by Pablo Mieres

President Luis Lacalle Pou He dedicated a farewell message to the former Minister of Work and Social Security (MTSS) Pablo Miereswho stepped aside from the position he had held since the beginning of the current administration to dedicate himself to the campaign as a pre-candidate for the Independent Party for the presidency of Uruguay. “He more than fulfilled his task,” said the president.

Wednesday was Mieres’ last day at the head of the MTSS, place from where he worked, among other things, with the social security reform —and the campaign to gather signatures for the plebiscite against it by the PIT-CNT— and the increase in employment and real wages as the most recent achievements of his administration.

Given his resignation to face the electoral campaign for the June elections as a pre-candidate of the Independent Party—of which he is the founder—the president Lacalle Pou He dedicated a farewell message to him on social networks, as he also did with the other leaders who left their positions within the framework of the electoral year.


“Pablo Mieres has been a great minister,” the president began, and recalled the years they shared in the Chamber of Deputies, where they developed “a nice personal relationship.” “Later our ideas came together to commit ourselves together to the citizens,” she considered.

“He more than fulfilled his task,” he concluded. The street Pou, wishing him “good luck” in the new process that the former minister faces in his political career.

Mieres’ balance of his management

Before leaving his position, Mieres carried out a balance of its management, within the framework of the Labor Day, last May 1st. In that sense, he highlighted that there are already 104,000 more jobs than there were in February 2020, the last month of the previous government; and noted that “everything indicates that, during this year, employment will remain firm” in the country.

“The number of people who are in the labor market (Activity rate) was located in the first quarter of 2024 at 64.3%” highlighted Mieres, and added: “the employment rate It has increased again to 58.9%, the highest figure since 2015.” Likewise, it indicated that unemployment is around 8%, below the 2019 numbers and 2 points below February 2020. “In these 3 years of government, the number of informal workers was reduced, from 25% in the period 2015-2019 to 21.3%,” he added.

On the other hand, he showed his “pride” for fulfilling “the commitment of full recovery of purchasing power of the salary” that the government proposed after the pandemic by Covid-19. “During the year 2023, the average real salary was one point above the average for the year 2019,” she explained. Along these lines, he commented that at the end of the fourth year of government, the administration “exhibits a reality of more employment and better salaries than in the previous government”, despite the aforementioned pandemic, the historic drought and the exchange difference with the Argentina.

With respect to social security reformexpressed that it was “necessary”, since it “promotes equity without abruptly and suddenly affecting anyone” and is designed so that younger workers “have their retirements guaranteed, with amounts equal to or better than the current ones.” .

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