Unemployment rose to 9% nationwide

Unemployment rose to 9% nationwide

In March, the rate jumped from 7.7% to 7.9% in Montevideo and from 8.7% to 9.6% in the rest of Uruguay.

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The unemployment rate at the country level went from 8.3% in February to 9% in March, while the employment rate fell from 58.9% to 58.4% during the same period, according to the latest report from Activity, Employment and Unemployment National Institute of Statistics (INE).

In March, the rate of unemployment jumped from 7.7% to 7.9% in Montevideoand it did so from 8.7% to 9.6% in the inside from the country. In turn, the employment rate went from 59.8% to 59.7% in the capital, and from 58.3% to 57.6% in the rest of the country, with minimal variations in the activity rate.

For its part, the activity rate remained unchanged at 64.2%, covering more than 1.88 million active Uruguayans, of which more than 1.71 million are employed, and more than 168,700 cannot find work.

The INE estimates that 9.6% of employed people are underemployed, and that the failure to register for social security by the job main is around 21.9%.

Likewise, the phenomenon of absent employed people stands out, which is estimated to be 6.3% for the month of March. On the other hand, the average effective hours worked in the main occupation is estimated at 35.1 hours.


Río Negro continues to be the department with the highest unemployment in the country

According to the latest report on Work market by geographic area of ​​residence of the INE, which takes data between December and February, Black river It continues to be the department with the highest unemployment in the country, despite having registered a decrease of 0.2% compared to the last measurement.

In the technical bulletin, it was recorded that Río Negro presents a unemployment of 12.8% followed, also with double digits, appears Leap, with an index of 12.4%, that is, a growth of 0.7% in unemployed workers. From behind they appear Thirty-threewith 11.8%, Artigaswith 11.2% (both with an increase of 1%), Paysanduwith 11.1% and Tacuarembówith 10.9%.

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