Lacalle Pou will defend social security reform when the time comes

Lacalle Pou will defend social security reform when the time comes

The President of the Republic assured that Uruguay has other problems to address and that “there is no rush.”

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He President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouconfirmed that he will defend the social security reformbut that he will do it “when the time comes”, because he considers that the Uruguay has other more urgent problems to address at present.

This Tuesday, within the framework of the inauguration of a housing plan for Mevir in the department of Floridaafter being consulted about the plebiscite of PIT-CNTthe president stated in a press conference that he will publicly defend the social security reform carried out by the current government administration.

However, he stated that “there is no rush” and that he sees “everyone in a hurry” regarding the issue, but that “citizens have other problems.” “When the time comes we will talk about the reform, there is no rush,” she insisted.

While the ruling party appears united to defend the reform, the popular consultation of the union center divides the waters in the Broad Front (FA) by the positions of his pre-candidates, since the former mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi was against and Mayor of Salto, Andrés Limain favor.

Refering to Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, Although she joined the meeting of signatures for the plebiscite, she has not yet made a public statement about whether or not to accompany the ballot in October, if she is confirmed as a candidate.

Lacalle Pou dismissed the praise of the International Monetary Fund

On the other hand, the president dismissed the praise of International Monetary Fund (IMF) after being asked about the international financial organization’s latest report on the economic policy of the Uruguay.

“Yes, I read it, but what matters to us is what happens here in Uruguaywhich is what we work for,” the head of state said before getting into an official car headed to the department of Paysanduwhere it will also be present.

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