Croatia: Prime Minister wants to govern with right-wing party

Croatia: Prime Minister wants to govern with right-wing party
Andrej Plenkovic, Croatia’s old and probably new prime minister

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After the parliamentary elections on April 17th, it became difficult to form a government. But now there is an agreement on a new coalition in Croatia.

The current incumbent, Andrej Plenkovic, whose conservative HDZ came first in the April election with 34.4 percent, will remain prime minister. Plenkovic wants to bring the right-wing populist homeland movement DP into the government as a coalition partner.

The DP was founded in 2020 by the breakaway HDZ politician and musician Miroslav Skoro. Although he left the DP again after internal disputes, in this year’s election the right-wing populists, for whom the HDZ was no longer nationalist enough, still achieved 9.6 percent.

In the new government, the DP will have three departments, Plenkovic announced on Wednesday evening: the Ministry of Demography, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Economics Department. The DP will also nominate a deputy prime minister.

Image: OÖN graphics


Image: OÖN graphics

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