Mother, daughter, son and their service to fellow human beings

Mother, daughter, son and their service to fellow human beings
Oliver, Birgit and Katrin Freller in the Red Cross office in Bad Leonfelden (OÖRK)

When people need help, they are there: For Birgit, Katrin and Oliver Freller, serving others is part of their family tradition. In 2018, mother Birgit (52) and daughter Katrin (25) decided to complete a summer course for volunteer paramedics together at the Bad Leonfelden department. “I wanted to gain practice for my upcoming medical studies,” says Katrin Freller. “I liked this idea and was there straight away,” says mother Birgit, who works in the market town of Oberneukirchen: “I like being there for others and getting involved in the Red Cross makes sense.”

A year later, son Oliver (23) also got a taste for it, completed the summer course and then did numerous voluntary hours. After his community service in Upper Austria. Red Cross, Oliver started his studies in Vienna. On his home weekends in the Mühlviertel, he still makes time for the Red Cross. “For me it’s important to help others. You meet a lot of different people and can gain a lot of experiences.” As with many volunteers in the rescue service, public holidays are no exception: for example, the day after tomorrow, on Mother’s Day, the Upper Austrian volunteers are there. Red Cross is there for their fellow human beings.

With a wide range of services, this team ensures help for people, says Upper Austria’s Red Cross President Walter Aichinger: “Our 25,000 mostly voluntary employees take responsibility and make the Red Cross an anchor of humanity. They promote the strength of the community and enable necessary services that otherwise wouldn’t exist.”

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