Pope Francis will open the Holy Year on December 24 and about 32 million people are expecting

Pope Francis will open the Holy Year on December 24 and about 32 million people are expecting

He Pope Francisco made official on Thursday the dates of the Ordinary Jubilee of 2025, a “Holy Year” during which 32 million pilgrims from around the world are expected to arrive in Rome.

In a “bull” (an official papal document) published Thursday, The Pope announced that the Jubilee will begin on December 24 with the opening of the holy door of St. Peter’s Basilica, and will end on January 6, 2026.

The 32 million pilgrims will join the millions of tourists visiting the Italian capital, whose public transport system is regularly criticized.

Ahead of the event, works are being carried out around the Vatican, aimed at improving traffic.

In the “bull” presented on Thursday in St. Peter’s Basilica, the pontiff set the course for this Jubilee, which has “hope” as its theme.

The pope called on “the richest nations” to “forgive the debts of countries that will never be able to pay them off.”

“If we truly want to pave the way for peace in the world, let us strive to remedy the causes of injustice, cancel unjust and unpaid debts, and satisfy the hungry,” he writes.

The “ordinary” Jubilees, an important event for the Catholic Church intended as a time of conversion and penance for the faithful, are celebrated every 25 years. The last one, presided over by John Paul II in 2000, welcomed 24.5 million pilgrims to the Vatican.

Added to this event are “extraordinary” jubilees, called for a special reason: the last one took place in 2016, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second Vatican Council, which advocated a more open and merciful Church.

On this occasion, the plenary indulgence – the forgiveness of sins – is granted under certain conditions: confession, communion, good works or alms.

Pope Boniface VIII was the one who established this tradition in Rome in 1300 and provided for a jubilee every century. Starting in 1475, with the aim of allowing each generation to live at least one “holy year”, the rhythm of every 25 years was established.

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