What do political parties propose regarding tourism?

What do political parties propose regarding tourism?

The specialists in tourism of the main political parties, brought together by the Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism (Camtur), They presented their proposals for the sector in view of a new government period. Beyond the fact that coincidences predominated, the event gave rise to nuances and some debates on specific topics.

The recently outgoing Minister of Tourism Tabare Viera was in charge of opening the exhibitions, beginning to respond to the concept of sustainability, which was one of the triggers proposed by Camtur. “It is a key issue because of the importance of this activity, economic importance, but it has a great impact on society and it also has a great environmental impact,” he stated.

“The investment tour, as in all activities, is essential. It must be by the public sector and by the private sector. The public sector, especially in infrastructure. In that sense, continuing with the investment that has been made during this period of government, which is historic in road infrastructure, for example, and in the development of a national airport system, is fundamental,” he continued.

The former minister did not avoid talking about an issue that is a common concern of all business chambers such as exchange delay. “It is not an easy issue to resolve, today no one can propose a solution that goes through administrative means, think about special types of changes or different types of changes, these are adventures that clearly not only do not solve, but also bring more difficulties,” he claimed.

At the same time, the representative of Independent Party, Sergio Bañales, He stated regarding sustainable tourism that “an important paradigm is changing and we are not yet ready for that. bet on sustainable tourism it is a very good option. For this reason, we cannot yet go out and support that little green seal that says sustainable company because in reality this requires a lot of work behind it and brings awareness on the part of tourism actors and the population in general as well. We understand that while the project is being developed, we have to go out and show that we are capable of carrying out a great sustainable tourism plan.”

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The advisor of the Independent Party and tourism businessman announced, on the other hand, that the incorporation of tourism into the secondary education curriculum is part of the government program of his political force.

The former tourism minister of Broad Front (FA) and current senator Liliam Kechichián presented the content of the Frente-Amplista programmatic bases that were also distributed among those attending the event. “He Uruguay It always has many priorities, there is always a lot of demand, a hyperdemand from society, but we believed that we should incorporate tourism as one of the priorities established in our program. We consider public leadership of politics to be key; we have heard at times that some people are proposing the elimination of the Ministry. “We believe that public leadership continues to be very important in tourism management through the ministry, a ministry that undoubtedly has to be strengthened, needs more personnel and resources,” he expressed.

“We have tourism as a priority, we continue to claim it as a human right to leisure and recreation. We believe that, at a time of great difficulties in coexistence in Uruguayan society, leisure and recreation are also very important to help coexistence among Uruguayans,” he added. Kechichián.

Finally, the former minister pointed out as a priority “the permanent search to increase the air and river connectivity”. “The companies come, and the promotion must be professionalized, with the institutions’ own teams. There Uruguay XXIFrom our point of view, in this period of government it has not played the role it should have played and we want to put it back in the center,” he concluded.

Town meeting was represented by the current director general of the Ministry of Tourism, the lawyer Ignacio Curbelo, who began by stating that “a productive country is a priority.” “The State must create the conditions that allow this development, strengthening its presence in certain areas of national endeavor, one of which is tourism.”

Furthermore, CA proposes the creation of a tourist police “That it serves as assistance to tourists, also as a form of crime prevention, but also of crime repression, if necessary,” he said. Another proposal launched by Curbelo was to analyze the possibility again of creating a national flag airlineaccording to current regulations.

He National Party (PN) was represented in the first instance by the president of the board of directors Pablo Iturralde who focused his presentation on a defense of the general policies of the current government. “Beyond the 100,000 jobs that depend on the sector, we believe that we can go much further than this issue and for that we have to have policies linked to the generation of infrastructure that has to do with ports, airports and the ease of investments in tourism locally,” he stated.

Iturralde also announced the completion of a study of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) where the possibility of special unemployment insurance for the most flexible sector is raised. “Sometimes we need to work much more than eight hours on weekends and we need to be able to work with different logic than rest days in the months when we work much more,” he said.

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