The Chamber of Industries warned of loss of competitiveness after the closure of the FNC plant

The Chamber of Industries warned of loss of competitiveness after the closure of the FNC plant

The claim arose from the announcement of the closure of a Minas de Fábricas Nacionales de Cerveza plant.

The Chamber of Industries warned about the loss of competitiveness who suffers Uruguay from the announcement of the National Beer Factories (FNC) where they announced the closure of a beer plant in Mines.

The decision by the company was communicated to the union and is mainly due to the high costs of being able to produce in Uruguay which intensifies with the arrival of imported beers from Brazil and Argentina which have a much cheaper price.

The beer plant Mines It has a total of 150 workers who package cans of Pilsen, Patricia, Norteña and Zillertal and 1-liter Patricia beer. For its part, the Montevideo company has 500 workers who are in charge of packaging glass beer, although it is not yet in danger of closing.

Following the announcement, it was announced that a meeting will be held this Monday with the union leadership and a call from the union is expected. Ministry of Labor to be able to begin negotiations with the company. In the event of a permanent closure, the workers’ assembly already has the approval to carry out a general strike.

Loss of competitiveness, the claim of the Chamber of Industries

Faced with this situation, the Chamber of Industries issued a statement expressing its concern regarding the loss of competitiveness of the sector in the Uruguay. “The Chamber of Industries of Uruguayhas been warning for many years about the problems that the lack of competitiveness growing and constant, generate in our industries,” says the statement.

In addition, from the camera they communicated with the different presidential candidates to explain their concerns. “We have recently prepared a document for the pre-candidates for the presidency of the Republic, where we concentrate the problems that the sector is going through in six vectors. The first of them and without a doubt the one with the most urgent solution is that of lost competitiveness,” they noted.

“Once again we call for reflection and mainly for action by our present authorities, since surely in the coming months we will witness situations of the same magnitude as the one we regret today,” the statement concludes.

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