Cycle path ramp to the west bridge opened to traffic

Cycle path ramp to the west bridge opened to traffic
Photo session State Councilor Steinkellner cycle path Unionstraße Linz

It is another piece of the mosaic in Linz’s porous cycle path network: the cycle path ramp from Unionstrasse to the West Bridge. The starting signal for the combined cycle and walking path, which will lead from Unionstrasse to Linz, took place in February of this year. The existing staircase for pedestrians remains. Meanwhile, a temporary cycle path leads from the West Bridge towards Waldeggstrasse. This will not change for a long time, as the cycle path will probably only be completed with the construction of the new West Bridge, the third construction phase of the Westring, in 2035.

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Mobility alternatives towards Linz

The now completed cycle path ramp cost 350,000 euros, which the state and city of Linz shared. For infrastructure regional councilor Günther Steinkellner (FP), the ramp expands the “possibilities of mobility alternatives towards the state capital”, Linz’s transport officer, deputy mayor Martin Hajart (VP), sees it as an “important step towards sustainable and safe mobility”.

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