Mental coaching: The state’s new offer for Upper Austria’s young people

Mental coaching: The state’s new offer for Upper Austria’s young people
Coaching is intended to help young people make decisions.

In 2024, 800 personal consultations have already been carried out in the youth service centers in the state of Upper Austria. The existing – and well-received – offer is now being expanded to include free coaching for young people aged twelve to 26. Mental strength and mental health are the central topics.

“Young people are often overwhelmed when they have to make key decisions for their lives. We want to support them with perspective coaching,” says Youth State Councilor Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (VP) at today’s press conference. The new track is the middle point between the existing information and counseling sessions at the youth information centers and the referrals to psychotherapeutic services in more serious cases.

Advice for the future

In the future, 22 coaches will be available to young people in the 14 youth information centers across the country. They have different backgrounds and are comprehensively trained, including in the topics of psychology, pedagogy and social counseling. They are intended to show perspectives and support decision-making.

“The career prospects for young people are almost overwhelming. They can choose from more than 200 apprenticeships. You can sometimes lose track,” says Christa Pacher, head of the Upper Austrian Youth Group, describing the challenging situation of young people. The young people can also receive coaching outside of their professional lives. For example, the experts provide information about financial support options, provide advice on buying your first apartment, or give tips on health topics such as healthy eating, exercise and addiction prevention.

Action days

To roll out the offer, information events are held in all districts. Get started:

  • Kirchdorf Youth Service: June 17th, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m
  • Schärding Youth Service: June 17th, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m
  • Youth Service Ried: June 18th, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m

Participation is open to all interested young people and, like the coaching, is free. However, registration is required as the number of participants is limited. Further information can be found on the Youth Service website.

The individual “mental cake”

The project receives support from mental trainer Manuel Horeth, who advises top athletes on the subject of mental health and is now holding a training session for the coaches. He wants to “awaken fascination for the topic”, which has already arrived in top-class sport and also brings many advantages for the younger generation. The coaching must always be individually adapted to the needs of the individual: “The five factors for mental strength – inner peace, self-confidence, concentration, positive thinking and motivation – are like ingredients for a cake. But everyone likes different cakes and that’s why everyone needs them own mental techniques,” says Horath.

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