Man randomly attacked passers-by: major operation in Switzerland

Man randomly attacked passers-by: major operation in Switzerland
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The victims were taken to hospital with stab wounds, the police reported on Wednesday evening. The crime took place in Zofingen, around 50 kilometers southeast of Basel in the canton of Aargau. The man fled into a building after the crime. Special forces made contact with him and arrested him after two hours, the police said.

She was initially unable to provide any information about the number of victims, the type of stabbing weapon or the perpetrator’s motive. The perpetrator also had cuts. The police did not say whether the lives of those affected were in danger.

Large area cordoned off

A police spokesman told the dpa news agency that fewer than ten people were taken to hospital. However, other people may have been injured who managed to get to safety themselves. The perpetrator had no identification documents with him.

The crime scene was in the train station area of ​​the small town with around 12,500 inhabitants. Shortly after 4 p.m., the police received an emergency call about a man attacking people. The police came out with a large contingent and cordoned off the area.

Initially, the police called on residents to stay in their houses and close doors and windows. She couldn’t rule out the possibility that several perpetrators were on the move.

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