“Wants to win back hearts”: Schilling rules out resignation

“Wants to win back hearts”: Schilling rules out resignation
Green Party leader Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and the top candidate for the EU elections, Lena Schilling

The top candidate Lena Schilling, who was confronted with public allegations from her private life and declining trust ratings, was affected, but emphasized that she had never thought of withdrawing. The new subjects remained in the background; Schilling is only depicted on one of the four.

“I’m not made of Teflon”

“Of course the last few days and weeks haven’t been easy,” said Schilling in response to a question about thoughts of withdrawal, “I’m not made of Teflon, it does something to me to read such accusations.” Ultimately, she said a clear “no” to a withdrawal because it was about shaping things in Europe, about the climate and against a shift to the right. It was clear to her that something could happen if she ran for an election as a young woman. However, she did not expect this extent.

In view of current poll declines, she said she wanted to “win back hearts.” She understands that trust is shaken given what has been published. But she wants to look forward and fight.

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Schilling commented on the allegations

Schilling used the beginning of the press conference to speak “classifying words” on five points about allegations against her, such as the already known cease-and-desist declaration. She rejected the accusation that she had intentionally caused difficulties for a journalist through a complaint as “not correct”. She apologized again for picking up rumors and spreading them. When it came to dealing with the allegations, she generally said: “Maybe I stonewalled too much, I learned from that.” But she wanted to protect her private life and people close to her.

  • “Everything was done to keep Lena Schilling’s name out of history”

Kogler’s apology

Party leader and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler also saw time to apologize. At the press conference on May 8th in Schilling’s defense, “the horses clearly ran away with me.” Kogler had spoken there of “anonymous grumbling” and “farting”. Now he saw this as inappropriate, insensitive and unintelligent. “I would like to apologize for that, that wasn’t smart, that’s not appropriate.” Only then did he – together with Secretary General Olga Voglauer – devote himself to the green program for the EU elections, namely the defense of the Green New Deal and the defense of right-wing enemies of liberal democracy.

Voglauer and Kogler were also quite combative in view of poll numbers and political competition from the Beer Party to the KPÖ to the former Green Party leader Madeleine Petrovic. “We are used to difficult times,” said Kogler laconically, and they have already made a comeback.

On the question of whether the Greens are in an existential crisis or facing a split, Voglauer spoke up: In fact, they are confronted with a widespread debate about things from Lena Schilling’s personal sphere, in a form that “we have never experienced before had and didn’t know”. Voglauer also addressed the Bohrn Mena couple and their role in the affair and identified a campaign. She confirmed that the Greens had created a dossier on all the allegations: it was about defending themselves legally.

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