Former Green Party leader Petrovic: Own list was “inevitable”

Former Green Party leader Petrovic: Own list was “inevitable”
Madeleine Petrovic

Petrovic spoke at a press conference on Friday of an “inevitable” step given the increasing “alienation” between her and the Greens in parliament. She cited the “erosion” of fundamental rights as a result of the measures to contain the corona pandemic as the main reasons for this.

From the 67-year-old’s point of view, not all Greens but the “mainstream of Green politics” have developed in the wrong direction and are “problematic”. The Greens’ issues such as environmental and animal protection and social justice continue to be their heartfelt concerns, emphasized the former federal spokeswoman for the Greens.

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Coming to terms with the Corona period

In addition, the new list advocates coming to terms with the Corona period and an active peace policy as well as military and political neutrality. “There has to be reconciliation,” said Petrovic, referring to the Corona period, but for this it was necessary to address what happened, namely that people lost their jobs as actresses, doctors or journalists for their scientific opinions.

The “Madeleine Petrovic list” consists largely of former Greens and emerges from the “GGI Initiative” (initially “Greens against Compulsory Vaccination & 2G”, now “Green Association for Fundamental Rights and Freedom of Information”). In addition to Petrovic, Monika Henninger-Erber, currently a non-attached local councilor in Grafenegg, and the stunt woman Nora Summer are on the list. For their appearance at the press conference, the three candidates symbolically smashed a paper wall with the Green Party logo with a big bang in order to emerge from it. “We come from the grassroots,” emphasized Henninger-Erber and calls for a new political culture. It was said that there was a desire from many quarters for an opposition beyond the Freedom Party.

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2600 declarations of support necessary

The new list is open to discussions with supporters from all political camps. However, it was emphasized that they wanted to grow slowly and check full members carefully before joining so as not to repeat the mistakes of other groups. According to Petrovic, the aim is first to achieve the 2,600 declarations of support necessary for a candidacy in the National Council election, and then to enter parliament.

The 67-year-old Petrovic is a green veteran. In 1990 she entered the National Council for the Greens, was party leader from 1994 to 1996 and state spokeswoman for the Greens in Lower Austria from 2002 to 2015. Petrovic says she has since left the party after her membership was suspended two years ago.

With regard to the recent turbulence in the Greens surrounding their EU leading candidate Lena Schilling, Petrovic saw responsibility not only for this, but also for possible deficits at the party or club leadership when selecting the candidate.

“The alienation of Madeleine Petrovic from the Greens is now complete, she has now been cut off. I very much regret that my predecessor has now made this act,” reacted Helga Krismer, state spokeswoman and club leader of the Greens in Lower Austria.

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