Girlfriend strangled: Life imprisonment for 31-year-old Carinthian

Girlfriend strangled: Life imprisonment for 31-year-old Carinthian
The defendant in court

In March 2023, he is said to have killed his girlfriend during an argument by kneeling on her neck and suffocating her. The public prosecutor spoke of “long-term, massive violence” that led to the woman’s death. The defendant is said to have previously abused the woman for two days.

“I wanted her to stop”

The accused and the victim met each other in 2019 during inpatient alcohol withdrawal in the clinic and moved in together. Both of them were soon drinking again and, according to public prosecutor Stefan Engelbert, their shared apartment in Raaba near Graz was recently “in a desolate condition”. In the last three days before the crime there were several violent clashes. The roofer hit the woman; she had numerous bruises. He once beat her with a customs stick. On March 11, an argument escalated again and she allegedly threw a bottle at him. “I wanted her to stop,” said the defendant. He hit her and knelt on the woman. “I thought I would push her down by the chest, but it was her neck,” the man described it.

The victim had no alcohol in her blood and no remains of food were found: “Was she already too badly injured to eat or drink anything?” asked Judge Catherine Farmer. The Carinthian couldn’t answer that. The memories of the crime were rather vague, even if what happened never left him.

“We really loved each other”

The defendant talked about his excessive alcohol consumption, he spoke of “one or two bottles of vodka” every evening, when he worked, in the evenings it was “a double of wine and a tragerl of beer”. The argument also arose because “the problems had gotten beyond him.” “Separation was never an issue?” asked the judge. “No, we really loved each other,” the accused replied.

Forensic doctor Isabella Klasnic used photos to show the victim’s countless injuries. “She had hematomas, abrasions, massive injuries from her head to her soles.” The psychiatric expert Manfred Walzl stated that the defendant was “moderately intoxicated”. The sanity was reduced, but still there. The 31-year-old was not diagnosed with any serious mental illnesses.

The jury found the defendant guilty of murder and intentional grievous bodily harm. The 31-year-old was sentenced to life imprisonment. The judgment is not final.

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