Zipfelbob affair in Lech: Employees reject allegations

Zipfelbob affair in Lech: Employees reject allegations
Mountain railway employees are said to have tricked at the Zipfelbob rental. (symbol image)

According to the company, they are said to have evaded rental fees for Zipfelbobs for years and caused damage of around 370,000 euros. The allegations were rejected in the strongest possible terms, four of the employees said through their lawyers on Friday.

“Known for 40 years”

As early as the 1980s, management expressly allowed employees to rent bobsleighs independently. The employees also bought most of the bobs themselves. The rental was always visible to the public, so the management had “known about the events for over 40 years”.

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According to the lawyers, it is clear from the annual financial statements and the sales tax returns that the company has no income from renting out the bobsleighs. The fact that it took the new managing director over a winter season to determine this speaks for itself. The employees are “farmer victims” in disputes that have been raging in Lech for years.

370,000 euros in damage

Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech GmbH & Co KG announced on Tuesday that the managing director appointed in 2022 noticed that the booked revenue from the bobsleigh rental was too low at the beginning of 2024, whereupon he carried out more detailed checks. The fees were only collected in cash and were not booked into the cash register by the employees, but rather divided among themselves. Extrapolated over ten years, this is said to have caused net damage of around 370,000 euros. It was said that the shareholders, the tax office and the public prosecutor were immediately informed.

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