Gurméndez crystallized the agreement with Acosta and Lara, with the focus on lowering taxes

Gurméndez crystallized the agreement with Acosta and Lara, with the focus on lowering taxes

The former president of Antel strengthens his candidacy for the Colorado Party and closes a program linked to demonopolizing Ancap and reducing public spending.

Gabriel Gurmendez strengthened its position within the Colorado Party after Guzmán Acosta y Lara decline his candidacy, within the framework of an agreement announced this Friday, with the focus on lowering taxes and reduce the public spending.

The former president of Antel considered that the alliance “is a significant political fact within the party,” during a joint press conference in which they announced the decision, which also focuses on the demonopolization of Ancap and strengthening the security.

Gurméndez promised to work for a Colorado Party “to lead with direction in the new coalition” and stated: “We aspire to run the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic with coincidence between Colorados to govern and thus create an impact to improve the lives of the Uruguayans”.

An agreement for freedom

In turn, Acosta y Lara highlighted that “it is an agreement for freedom, for the things we believe and for the challenge that the coalition continues with a Colorado Party stronger than ever”, to compete internally in the face of the elections 2024.

In addition, he highlighted the past of both in public and private activity. “We always found a common denominator: the ideas of the future, of the future, of freedom, which were transmitted Jorge Batlle to dream the Uruguay that is coming and the constant reform of the State to be a better country.”

Gurmendez Acosta y Lara Communiqué.pdf

The 10 axes of the programmatic agreement

The ten bases of the programmatic agreement between both leaders are the following:

  1. Reduction of the tax burden.
  2. Demonopolization of Ancap and liberalization of the supply chain fuels.
  3. Reduction in the number of ministries and drastic drop in political expenses. The savings generated will also be used to reduce taxes.
  4. Make transparent and facilitate access to the real-time execution of state expenditures.
  5. Creation of a Regulatory Simplification Commission to review and evaluate existing regulations, with the aim of identifying those that should be simplified, updated or directly eliminated.
  6. Electronic government: digitization and simplification of procedures and state services. Creation of a digital platform where citizens can access all state services.
  7. Security: implementation of Community Police. Provision of greater technology and creation of the crime Waze with information on crimes in real time and geolocation. Effective border control.
  8. Creation of four new prisons of 500 places each, one specialized in organized crime and drug trafficking.
  9. Control of the money laundering: budgetary strengthening of SENACLAFT.
  10. Entrepreneurship: allow business creation in one day. Lower costs for SMEs. Creation of App TuEmpresa where people have access to all State services, along with tutoring and digital tools. Tax help during the first 12 months.

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