Lacalle Pou admitted that each homicide is worrying, but highlighted a downward trend in crimes

Lacalle Pou admitted that each homicide is worrying, but highlighted a downward trend in crimes

President Luis Lacalle Pou admitted his concern about homicides, but he highlighted that there is a downward trend in crimes, referring to one of the main concerns of the Uruguayans, how is the public security.

Lacalle Pou He assured that “every homicide is worrying” and at a time when the pre-candidates present their proposals, he warned that “in all crimes there was a growing trend and now it is descending,” but he acknowledged: “The one that has cost us the most is precisely the one that takes lives, which are homicides.”

“The last data I saw was that they had decreased by 3%, but there are still violent incidents. The violent resolution of conflicts was said to be for the drug trafficking”, The president said and countered: “Did you see the things that people go to the point of killing themselves for? An argument with a neighbor, for example. Look at the level of tolerance that a violence “It begins with a gesture or a word and ends in a death.”

“I don’t want to take off my hat and say that it is difficult to combat this type of crime because it is our task,” he said. Lacalle Pou, but he regretted that “the level of violence in some situations without having an escape valve, without having another solution to conflicts, is very complex.”

Finally, he referred to the cases of children shot for being exposed in the confrontations. “Children are innocents who remain in violence among the elderly,” he stated.

The debate on security enters the campaign

The security It is one of the central themes of the campaign for the elections 2024 and from the Wide Front They keep an eye on the number of children shot and the levels of violence. The pre-candidate Yamandu Orsi He called to “not trivialize the discussion.”

“We can discuss the percentages of thefts, robberies, homicides, “Here it is not a question of percentages,” he said and pointed out that this year there were already eight children injured by firearms. “We cannot naturalize that school doors are associated with shootings or that those injured in a shooting are gurises,” he questioned. .

Meanwhile, when launching her Country Plan, the FA pre-candidate, Carolina Cosse, questioned the “truly alarming levels of violence” and recalled: “There are approximately 8,100 cases of mistreatment, abuse and violence of children and adolescents reported in 2023, when in 2022 there were 4,900.”

“In 2023 there were more than 42,000 reports of gender-based violence and 382 homicides, and we have reached a record number of people deprived of liberty of more than 15,000,” stated the mayor of Montevideo on leave, who added: “We have begun to see children as victims, even, of extreme violence.”

Meanwhile, since National Party, the precandidate Alvaro Delgado He was against it, considering that “it is aberrant to politicize the death of children,” pointing out the opposition leaders.

Source: Ambito

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