who are the favorite candidates

who are the favorite candidates

There are a total of eight candidates for the mandate, and in the event that none obtains more than half of the votes, a second round will occur.

This Sunday, May 19, nearly 8 million Dominicans will have to go to the polls within the framework of a new presidential election, where seats for senators and deputies will also be renewed. There are a total of 9 candidates for the mandateand in the event that no one obtains more than half of the votes, a second round will occur.

The main candidate, favorite according to the polls, is the current president Luis Abinader, of the Game Modern Revolutionary, who will seek re-election for the period 2024-2028. The centrist politician is the richest official in the country, and he promised to fight with the corruption as well as finish the wall that delimits the country with Haiti.

The second is Leonel Fernandezwho was already President on three occasions, leading the Game Power of the People, promising better living conditions for Dominicans. He governed in the periods 1996-2000, 2004-2008 and 2008-2012, he is in search of a fourth electoral victory to launch the “transformations” that, in his opinion, the country requires.

Complete the podium Abel Martinezthe new face in these elections, who represents the party Dominican Liberation, center-left, and who also promises to bet on the well-being of Dominicans: ”We have to focus on the future,” he declared. Until now he served as mayor of Santiago, the second largest city in the country.

In addition, the candidates who are running from behind according to the polls are: Miguel Vargasof the Dominican Revolutionary Party; Maria Teresa Cabrerafrom Frente Amplio; Virginia Antares RodríguezDemocratic Option; Fulgencio Severinoof the Homeland For All Movement; Carlos Pena, Server Generation; and finally, Roque EspaillatDemocratic Hope Party.

José Raúl Mulino won the Panama elections

Lawyer José Raúl Mulino emerged as winner of the presidential elections on May 5 in Panama, according to official results. alliance candidate Save Panamaadded 34.41% of the votes, followed by Ricardo Lombanaof the Another Path Movement (MOCA)who accumulated 24.96%, according to data from the Electoral Tribunal with more than 94% of the votes counted.

Mulino’s victory was made official by the president of the Electoral Tribunal, Alfredo Juncá during a video call with Mulino in which he expressed his satisfaction with the results and indicated that he assumes them with responsibility and humility.

“It implies an enormous weight on my shoulders that I accept with pleasure”, he expressed. And furthermore, he assured that he is committed “to the country to establish a government of national unity as soon as possible.”

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