The municipalities and the Executive Branch finalized the criteria to divide the US$15M for rural roads

The municipalities and the Executive Branch finalized the criteria to divide the US$15M for rural roads

The mayor of Canelones expressed his disagreement with what was agreed between both parties.

He Executive power and the municipalities reached an agreement regarding the criteria for dividing the 15 million dollars granted for the repair of the rural road within the framework of a road emergency declared this month; However, the mayor of cannelloni showed some disagreement with the decision.

The criteria for dividing the extra budgetary allocation were approved unanimously, but generated some discontent among some political figures. One of them was the mayor of Cannelloni, Marcelo Metediera who questioned that the assignment is only on rural roads.

“When the road emergency decree does not contemplate the urban roads, it is leaving you out,” said the department head. “The productive, is it valid? Yes, but it was not in the initial decree; If you incorporate the hectares of production, they were not in the initial decree; Therefore, it is biased towards a certain place,” he added.

“We must be clear that it is extra budgetary money that is useful to all of us, and we all need it; in the case of Cannelloni, We declared that we had invested almost 6 million dollars, and we are going to be receiving one million one hundred. In other words, it will not be enough to get the department back on its feet with the situations we have. I insist once again: rural roads, yes, but also urban roads,” he remarked.

The response of the Undersecretary of Transportation

Faced with Metediera’s claims, the Undersecretary of Transportation, Juan José Olaizola, answered. “Naturally, the mayors have visions, because they also have different effects: there are departments where production weighs much more, there are departments that have more kilometers of rural roads, but they tried to generate a consensus criterion, which was the one that prevailed,” said.

“This is an issue of the mayors, it is an issue of the different situations that the different regions of the country face, and what I saw in the sector, where there are several mayors, a constructive criterion, of being able to reach an answer, because In short, they are extra resources that are coming to them, and that have to be channeled quickly,” he explained.

“There were many criteria that could be taken into account to allocate the money. Different percentages were used at the time, and in the end the mayors They resolved that a clean slate be made, and the four items had 25%; They defined that criterion, and the sectoral commission supported this proposal with the vote,” he commented.

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