Relatives called for a new March of Silence and complained about paralyzed excavations

Relatives called for a new March of Silence and complained about paralyzed excavations

The non-governmental organization points out that the Armed Forces “know very well” what they did with the missing people.

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The non-governmental organization (NGO) Mothers and Relatives of Detained and Disappeared Uruguayans called citizens to the 29th edition of the March of Silenceand complained to the State for stopping excavations due to “bureaucratic” issues.

The 29th March of Silence will be held under the slogan “They know where they are, we demand answers” and will depart this Monday at 7:00 p.m. from Rivera and Jackson streets (Mártires Estudiantes) in the Cordón neighborhood (Montevideo) in the direction of Plaza Cagancha. Relatives also hope that there will be demonstrations in the interior of the country.

Ignacio Errandonea, representative of Relativesexplained to Subrayado that near the Armored Infantry Battalion No. 13even though the Armed Forces (FFAA) They said that they could work “quietly” in the first instance, a backhoe “snagged” a high tension cable, cutting it.

As a result of this situation, said cable had to be repaired, and according to Errandonea, “no lucky person died.” “The anthropologists or the train driver could have died,” he added.

“They have been passing the ball between the Ministry of Defense and the UTE”

“After that, the excavations were paralyzed, it is a cautious area that must be investigated. It has been paralyzed for approximately two years, between Ministry of Defence and the UTE “They are passing the buck,” he lamented. “The last resolution is that UTE is going to do it, but now they say: I don’t have a budget,” he insisted.

Asked about the creation of a section within the General Archive of the Nation for access to the documents of the dictatorshipstated that “that was already by law” and that “there was a law that was better because civil society participated.”

“What we have claimed from the minister is that we know these files, but we know that there are 3,074 rolls, of which we know only 1,470. We want to know the others,” he demanded.

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