Study: Covid-19 remains more dangerous than influenza

Study: Covid-19 remains more dangerous than influenza

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US scientists have now found this out in an epidemiological comparative study using data from the health insurance of former US military personnel. “In the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the risk of death for people who were hospitalized because of SARS-CoV-2 was significantly higher than for people who had to be hospitalized because of seasonal influenza,” wrote Yan Xie and his co-workers. Authors from St. Louis Health Care System (State of Missouri). Between February 1 and June 17, 2020, the researchers registered four times higher mortality among around 3,600 Covid-19 sufferers with severe disease than in a group of almost 13,000 influenza patients from 2017 to 2019.

Although the differences have now become smaller, they have apparently remained at least partially. Yan Xie: “In the fall and winter of 2022/2023, people who were hospitalized because of Covid-19 had a 60 percent higher mortality rate than hospital patients with severe seasonal influenza.”

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Significantly greater danger from Covid-19

The scientists have now carried out the epidemiological investigation again. As they report in the online publication of the US medical association JAMA, they identified a group of 8,625 patients from the records of the veterans’ health insurance company (US Department of Veterans Affairs) who were due to Covid-19 between the beginning of October 2023 and the end of March 2024 had to be admitted to hospital and a comparison group with influenza patients (2,674 test subjects).

There was still a significantly greater danger from Covid-19: in this group of patients with a severe course and the need for hospital admission, 5.7 percent died within 30 days. In the comparison group of influenza patients, mortality was 3.04 percent. When different characteristics of the two groups of test subjects were statistically balanced, there was still a 35 percent increase in mortality from Covid-19 compared to influenza.

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