COFE will denounce the licensing regime for public employees before the ILO

COFE will denounce the licensing regime for public employees before the ILO

The state workers union will make the presentation during the organization’s annual conference.

COFE prepared a complaint to present at the ILO Annual Conference in Switzerland.

The Confederation of Organizations of State Officials (COFE) will file a complaint with the International Labor Organization (ILO) by the new medical leave regime imposed by the Executive power which has been in force since April.

The intentions of the workers’ unions of the State is to file a complaint with the ILO during his Annual Conference which will take place in Swiss. That is why COFE representatives will travel to the European country to present the lawsuit, who will be part of the delegation that will send the PIT-CNT.

The demand presented will be part of the presentation of the union center but will also be part of the presentation of Latin American Confederation and of Caribbean of State Workers (Clate). In this framework, the delegation of COFFEE He will also hold meetings with representatives of the ILO to present the employment situation of Uruguayan public employees.

The complaint had already been drafted in April, when the new medical license regime began to come into effect, taking advantage of the fact that a representative of the organization was in the country, who helped them present the accusation.

On the other hand, the union threatened that, if an agreement was not reached with the Executive power, A battery of union measures against the measure would begin, which would include mobilizations and strikes.

The regime of controversy

Until April of this year, public officials did not have money deducted from their salaries for certifications. With the modification, they will be entitled to a maximum of nine business days paid leave for illness or accident.

In addition, they may be requested alternately or consecutively for a period of one year. From the tenth day they will have the right to subsidy, which will be an amount equivalent to 75% or 100% of the salary, depending on several factors and every January 1st the number of days available will be renewed, which do not accumulate from one year to the next.

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