Pope Francis criticized conservative bishops and spoke about blessing homosexual couples

Pope Francis criticized conservative bishops and spoke about blessing homosexual couples

The pontiff said that anti-Semitism is a “bad ideology.” He referred to the Texas government’s effort to shut down a Catholic charity that provides humanitarian aid to undocumented immigrants.

He Pope Francis criticized conservative church leaders in the US during an interview on CBS News 60 Minutes on Sunday night, saying they were acting dogmatically. Also spoke about the blessing of homosexual couples and Texas’ efforts to crack down on a Catholic charity that helps undocumented immigrants.

Speaking to CBS’s Norah O’Donnell, The Pope addressed criticism of his reforms by conservative American bishops, saying that a “conservative” is one who “holds on to something and doesn’t want to see beyond it.” He said that this was a “suicidal attitude” and that these people were going beyond simply taking into account tradition and were rathern “locked inside a dogmatic box.”

Pope Francis’ decision on blessing homosexual couples

When asked about his decision to approve the blessing of same-sex couples, Francis clarified that he did not authorize blessing their union because “that is not the sacrament,” but rather blessing people in a same-sex union because the blessings are “for everyone.” He added that some people were “scandalized” for this decision, but he doesn’t understand why.

The Pope also referred to the effort of the Texas government to close a catholic charity that offers humanitarian aid to undocumented immigrantssaying it was “pure madness… to close the border and leave them there.” He said each migrant must be received and that authorities can then decide how to deal with them.: “Maybe it will have to be sent back… but each case must be considered humanely.”

Pope Francis’ approval of blessing on LGBTQ+ issues

Francis said: “If someone is gay…and seeks the Lord and has good will…who am I to judge?“. When asked about his comment that homosexuality was not a crime, he responded: “It is a human fact.”

He Pope Francis approved the blessing of same-sex couples by priests last December, building on his previous reforms of the Catholic Church on LGBTQ+ issues. In a letter announcing the change, the Vatican said people in same-sex unions should not face “exhaustive moral analysis” to receive his blessings. A few months before, Francis approved a document that allowed transgender people to be baptized. However, These reforms faced rejection from some Catholic clerics in the United States.

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