The blue dollar rose in Argentina and is once again attractive for Uruguayan tourists

The blue dollar rose in Argentina and is once again attractive for Uruguayan tourists

He Dolar blue (or parallel dollar) climbed again Argentina and it is once again an attractive option for Uruguayan tourists, who have observed in recent months a drop in the price gap due to the shrinking of the exchange difference between both countries.

While in Uruguay The dollar fell 0.23% this Monday to 38.408 pesos, chaining two consecutive days of decline, in Argentina he Dolar blue It jumped 60 Argentine pesos this Monday, accumulating a rise of 140 Argentine pesos in the last six wheels.

Today, the parallel dollar in Argentina marked its highest daily increase since the beginning of January, consolidating its upward trend, and reaching its highest value in three months, closing at 1,150 Argentine pesos for purchase and 1,180 Argentine pesos for sale.

With this strong increase, the gap with the official dollar widened to 32.6%, this being the highest level since last February 21. At the official level, the dollar is bought at 867.50 Argentine pesos, according to the boards of the Banco Nación (BNA).

The rise of the parallel dollar in Argentina is mainly motivated by the sixth rate reduction carried out by his Central Bank (BCRA), as monthly inflation returned to single digits (8.8%). The monetary authority decided last Tuesday to lower its monetary policy rate by 10 percentage points (pp), placing it at 40%.

Different financial analysts assured Ambit that the BCRA measure had a direct impact on the value of the blue, since holding Argentine pesos and investing them in fixed terms is becoming less and less attractive.

The price gap with Argentina has contracted in recent months

In September of last year, the price gap between one country and another reached a historical maximum of 180%, according to to the Border Price Index (IPF) prepared by the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU). However, in March there was a difference of just 50% in Leap in respect of Concordia (Entre Ríos).

He economist Javier de Haedopredicted that “it is very possible” that the price gap “will become null or negative” before the end of the year, since, “despite having already become significantly more expensive, Argentina may face a path of greater increases in prices”, if the levels of the bilateral real exchange rate (RER) with the USA from the times of convertibility.

However, the recent jump in Dolar blue It could mean a new window open, at least momentarily, for those Uruguayans who seek to take advantage of the still existing price gap while they can.

Source: Ambito

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