Free tram: “activist” to “patchy”

Free tram: “activist” to “patchy”
Free BIM is intended to increase frequency in the city center.

As reported, the FPÖ is requesting a “current hour on the growing problem of vacant properties” in Linz’s city center for the municipal council meeting on Thursday. At the weekend, Mayor Klaus Luger (SP) therefore rushed ahead with the announcement of a free tram between the Hauptbahnhof and Biegung stops.

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A suggestion that is often made

The idea is not new. As early as 2014, the FPÖ made a similar proposal, which was rejected as “not sensible” by SPÖ transport councilor Karin Hörzing. Linzplus parliamentary group leader Lorenz Potocnik (then Neos) had a similar experience in 2017. His application for a free tram on Advent Saturdays failed because of the SPÖ and its then coalition partner FPÖ. This time the FPÖ is in favor again. FPÖ city councilor Michael Raml calls the Luger initiative “welcome, but incomplete”. Raml wants to expand the free tram to the entire network within the city limits.

“It takes a lot more”

On the other hand, the deputy mayor responsible for transport, Martin Hajart (VP), who is also chairman of the supervisory board of Linz Linien, sees actionism. “Almost every meeting we bring forward proposals to increase frequency in the city center, but all of them are blocked or put on the back burner by the SPÖ.” Luger’s free tram would increase frequency within the shopping area, but would hardly increase customers bring outside. “A lot more is needed here, based on a comprehensive frequency analysis of the city center,” says Hajart. The Greens, in turn, want to make the city center more attractive by moving the digital university into Post City instead of building in the green belt.

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