Uruguay is falling apart

Uruguay is falling apart

The Broad Front candidate took advantage of a campaign event to question the actions of the ruling party in the social sectors.

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The favorite presidential candidate in the polls in the internal elections of the Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, he increasingly toughens his speech against the current government in his campaign events; This time, he criticized the actions of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides).

During a presentation at a campaign event in the department of Black river, The candidate questioned the current government regarding its priorities in the social sector. “We want to turn that around and for us to have hope and for this country to be a lighthouse again,” he expressed in his speech and assured that during the Frente Amplista governments, social inequality had decreased considerably.

On the other hand, he was in charge of questioning the efficiency of the health sector in relation to Administration of State Health Services (ASSE). “It hurts us to travel around the country and to be told that the polyclinics do not work, that the specialists do not come, there are no hours for the doctor, there are no medications. “That happens everywhere,” lamented the candidate.

Meanwhile, he also shot at the Ministry of Social Development by ensuring that there are neighborhoods where people still live in the mud. “The other day we toured an area of ​​Casavalle, people are living in the mud. Waiting for the State to give them something; There is nothing, the Mides no longer responds. There is nothing on the horizon,” he lamented, adding that the government errs on the side of overdoing construction announcements that it then does not fulfill.

The inmates’ favorite

After receiving the support of Mario Bergara, who left his campaign last month, Orsi once again clearly positioned himself within the internal elections of the Frente Amplio.

According to a survey by Equipos Consultores, Orsi has 53% of voting intention in the guided question modality, against 37% of its main internal rival, Carolina Cosse. This data contrasts strongly with the February scenario, where the internal Frente Amplista declared itself in a virtual technical tie, with the referent of the MPP accumulating 45% of the adhesions and its main contender only one point.

The Consulting Teams study, carried out between April 11 and 28, with a mixed methodology (in person and by telephone) between Uruguayans who feel “close or very close” to political parties, revealed that Bergara’s loss favored Orsi’s chances.

Based on the February study, it can be seen that Bergara added 7%, while the former mayor of Canelones grew 8% in the last two months. At the same time, a decrease of 7 percentage points was detected in Cosse’s application, with a growth of Andres Lima, which went from 2% to 6%. Meanwhile, the undecided They also increased, going from 2% to the current 4%.

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